“By the way Ashley is a diamond!”
Ian Walker after Key West Race Week on Yeoman XXXII


“Ashley is just an awesome sailor. I’ve never seen anyone more enthusiastic about going up a mast! Ashley is incredibly focused and competent. You couldn’t ask for a better sailor to have on your boat.”
Mary Coleman owner of Farr 40 Astra

“Ashley is a highly compentent sailor capable of working all positions on a boat. She is an excellent cook, good humoured and thoroughly trustworthy. ” John Poyner

“Ashley’s skill extends from the galley to the top of the mast, when required. With an intelligent and bright personality, a genuine love of boats and sailing she is to be recommended to any yacht or owner.”
Donald Moreton Vice Commodore RORC Owner of Old Mother Gun

Safety and Preparation

“She is able to apply herself with skill in all positions on the boat and is extremely fit. She shows great awareness with regards to safety and is an example to others.”
Chris Dunning owner Marionette

”I want to say a heartfelt thank you to you for the manner in which you prepared the Boat . I have done some sailing but I can honestly say I have never met anyone so well prepared and professionally efficient as you obviously are . There are many people not only here but around the world who could and should take a leaf out of your book in terms of attitude , preparedness and total capability .’
Richard Leslie

'Ashley helped me with preparations for the 2008 Pacific Cup. I hired her initially to do some repair work on the keel, but soon I realized that she could do a lot more. She made some cool removable sheet bags, a spinnaker net, and with her assistant buffed our hull the smoothest its ever been.  In addition to all of this she shared many tips and tricks that helped us to victory.'  (1st in our division, 7th overall)
Sarah Deeds, Navigator Moore 24,  Bar-ba-loot

Work Ethic

Ashley is doing a terrific job supporting us (the marine biologist researchers) at Rothera. She is one of the most capable and keen boatman we have ever had.
David K A Barnes

You run a great program, you work unbelievably hard and it is a pleasure to sail with you. I hope to do it again soon.”
Peter Stoneberg

“I continue to marvel at the grace and professionalism you exhibited in so many challenging situations.”
Rob Anderson

''I wanted to thank you for all the incredible hard work and determination that made this trip so good for us all.'


“None of us had much experience when we went into that program. But Ashley did a tremendous job of getting the right parts when we needed them and handling logistics. Ashley has incredible drive. But what I really admire about her is that she doesn’t pretend to be the best at everything she knows her strengths, and she plays to those strengths.”
Ocean Planet skipper Bruce Schwab about 2002 Around Alone campaign

"After being away from the sport for some time, when my kids were off to college I decided to get back into sailboat racing.  A friend suggested I talk with Ashley Perrin to help me sort out my new boat - a Quest 33 -- and "jump start" my nascent program.  "Jump start" doesn't begin to describe what Ashley did for me.  It was more like a rocket sled ride.  From sorting out the rigging, working with the sail maker, helping line up crew, arranging for Olympic caliber sailors to come aboard and improve our skills, to every last item needed to campaign the boat, Ashley did it all.  Ashley knew what to do, what gear to use, what person to recruit, was always dead bang reliable, and did it with enthusiasm.  I can't recommend Ashley highly enough.  Get her help, and get her aboard.  You will be glad you did." Wayne Lamprey Rhum Boogie

Event Organization

“I truly wanted to express gratitude for the best sailing trip I’ve ever had.  Words can’t describe just how great it was! You are one cool lady!!!”
Barry Lewis owner of J120 Chance regarding his Carribbean trip on Yeoman XXXII

“Thanks for a great regatta. Guys really had a blast. Appreciate all the effort you put in to keeping the boat running quickly, smoothly and safe. Guys made specific request to try and get you onboard as Owners Rep for 08 as well. I passed on this request to Island Charters as well.”
Chris from Island Cruising regarding St Maartan regatta on Yeoman XXXII

“I was very impressed with the way you operated the boat and looked after the crew. A very enjoyable experience and this was largely down to your efforts, thank you!!”
Simon Rogers designer of Yeoman IRC 46 regarding NYYC race week

Team Player

“Ashley is able to get on well with people of all ages and has established herself as an excellent team player. I would highly recommend her as an asset to any yacht and skipper.”
Paul Waxman owner of Imperator